The latest marking for high visibility on rainy nights, SuperDots are a profiled thermoplastic whose shape allows water to drain away
from the marking, keeping it visible in wet conditions. Also, due to the shape and vertical walls, SuperDots have high retro reflection on city streets, poorly illuminated areas, and at night. In the Lower Mainland, road markings are wet from precipitation 44% of the time. This means traditional/flatline markings, unlike SuperDots, are hidden under a film of water and, at night, become invisible. To see how SuperDots remain visible, even in a heavy downpour, visit our youtube channel.

  • SuperDots can be surface applied or inlaid.
  • The thermoplastic used to make SuperDots is resistant to winter freeze/thaw cycles and rubber snow-plow blades.
  • SuperDots can also be applied as a SuperLine (SuperDots placed on top of a traditional flatline).

Call or email us to discuss how SuperDots
can make your streets safer.